Monday 16 December 2013

The Banking System and Big Corporates are your real enemy

Everytime you use Credit Card, you take a short term loan. For every 90 Rupee of Loan, Bank "generate" around 2000 Rupee Virtual Money. Virtual money is just Computer figure. You work hard, for earn money but Bank need not to earn money, They just press "Keyboard" to make more money.

If you need loan for education you have to give so many documents and Beg for it, and that will be 10% Interest Rate. If Bank Give most money to Big Corporates with very low interest rates. Everytime you take loan or use Credit Card or use Bank Virtual money (like cheque, computer figure) you help Big Corporation to Grow !

The Ultimate Aim of this whole system is to grow capitalistic market and make you just a consumer.. Look out you papa aur grandpa , they earned less and saved more. You guys are earning huge and saving noting.

America Revolution was used Bank money with compromise in 1870-1890 era. that compromise have a rise in private Banking sector. the Democracy is designed in a such a way that it will only help Corporates ! America's democracy is older the Bharat. you can see now, in America, Govt is sponsored by American Capitalistic elements. After 50 -90 years, Indian Govt will also become like American Govt , fully sponsored by Corporates !!

The illusion is -- Banking sector and Corporate sector is two separate things but actually it is wrong.. both are same. Big corporates also own Bank and have very Good approach in Govt and they create profit making laws and get low interest rate loans and create a huge Virtual money which comes to you as your salary. All they want their virtual money to be returned to them via computers (ATM ,Credit Cards ,Internet Transactions ). You saving habit is their biggest problem , they just hate somebody withdrawing "Cash", the real paper money because they just do not have it. all they have just 3% cash and Rest 97% is just a figure/number in your computer screen ! So they have created a system where you become a consumer slave who just spend 100% of their salary and fully depended on Credit Card or Loan based future virtual money !!

You Blame Politics as the real reason of all bad thing, but you need to identify man behind the all the problem.. The Banking System and Big Corporates are your real enemy and your are hopeless dependent on them.

Remember , hopelessly dependent is another name of "Slavery" !!

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